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Soaring Kids' Life Skills Curriculum

Where We're Going

At the heart of the Soaring Kids program is our Life Skills curriculum. We want to make sure that all of the children who go through the program are taught the necessary life skills to be successful on their own as adults.



We teach children how to budget their money and plan for unforeseen expenses while still being able to save and give generously.


We cover basic banking concepts, such as how to open a savings and checking account, as well as what to look for in picking a financial institution.


Children will learn how to finance major purchases, such as a home or car. They’ll learn about interest, payment terms, the true cost of a loan, and more.


Goal Setting

We want our Soaring Kids to be ahead of the game in knowing how to set goals for themselves, identify their steps to success, and then take action to reach them.


We believe in the importance of being a master planner, and teach lessons in a full system on how to plan your days, weeks, and beyond.

Problem Solving

Children will learn unique processes for how to analyze problems, identify potential solutions, and evaluate their options to pick the best way to go.

Personal Skills


We teach children how to create a basic household shopping list, what they’ll need to stock their first homes, and how to keep things stocked from week to week.


Nobody’s going hungry. We’ll make sure that each child that goes through the program knows how to a variety of easy, nutritious, and filling dishes.

Interpersonal Skills

We focus on teaching our Soaring Kids how to resolve conflict positively, carry on conversations, and network in both business and personal environments.