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Soaring Kids' Business Skills Curriculum

Where We're Going

What makes the Soaring Kids program unique is our eCommerce Skills modules. We couple our Life Skills curriculum with a full suite of training on eCommerce, giving them the tools to run their own online business alongside the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Soaring Kids possible!

Our eCommerce tools will put the Soaring Kids on the bleeding edge of internet sales and marketing techniques. We start them with the most basic skills necessary – simple computer operations, an introduction to marketing, and an overview of the internet, then work them up to getting their own business fully operational. We even provide them with what they’ll need to get started!

The Soaring Kids curriculum focuses on the three most important areas of eCommerce:

How to Source

We teach the kids how to find or create the products that they’ll use at the heart of their new enterprise.

How to Sell

We give them all of the tools they’ll need to set up a fully-functioning eCommerce website to sell from.

How to Market

We teach them how to find their potential customers, drive them to the site, and make the sale.