An American Crisis

Each year in America, over 25,000 children reach the age of 18 and are removed from the foster care system. The statistics around their prospects are grim. Watch our short video to learn more about this crisis and learn how you can help.

A Clear Mission

When we learned about the problems that plagued so many children after they reach eighteen and age out of the foster care system, we had no other choice but to help. Soaring Kids was created to give these children transformative life and business skills through online education and counseling.

Who We Are

At Soaring Kids, we’re doing everything we can to help equip and prepare foster children for life outside of the system. We want to give them the skills they’ll need to have productive, fulfilled lives.

Our leadership team brings social work experience, entrepreneurship, technological expertise, and a heart to bring about change together to make the one-of-a-kind solution that is Soaring Kids a reality. With our skills and experience, we’ve crafted a program that teaches foster children valuable life and business skills to prep them for their transition into adulthood.


Of the 25,000 children who age out of the US foster care system each year:

  • 20% instantly become homeless
  • 50% will not have gainful employment by the age of 24
  • 97% will never earn a college degree

Our Three Pillars

Soaring Kids was built on three founding principles:

Inspiration – We want to inspire foster children to reach for and achieve their dreams.

Knowledge – We believe that knowledge is the key to breaking the generational cycle so many foster children are trapped in.

Legacy – We want to see foster children not just leave happy, fulfilling lives, but to create a legacy for those that will come after them.

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Our founder, Niki Dealey, envisioned the Soaring Kids program on a cold night in Michigan, away from her native Texas for a fundraiser. As a fundraising member of that evening’s board, she was there that evening to do a job. Little did she know the impact the night would have on her.

That evening’s speaker was herself a former foster child, and she spoke of the challenges she’d overcome to achieve the life she was living. The story touched Niki deeply, as she was vividly able to imagine what those struggles must have been like.

Her conviction was confirmed through discussions with friends and open doors to pursue this newfound conviction in her heart. As her idea came to life, friends and business partners alike were able to join her in her newfound mission to bring Soaring Kids to life.

The Soaring Kids Program

At the heart of the Soaring Kids program is our unique online curriculum. We use online learning to teach kids life and business skills designed to not only prepare them for life as an adult but also to give them the opportunity to start their own online business.

We believe that education is an indispensable part of the solution for the challenges these children face. We want them to know the basics they’ll need to know as an adult – cooking, banking, planning, and so on – but we also want to teach them the skills they’ll need to build a thriving online business. It’s our desire to see them build a life for themselves that is enriching not only for themselves, but also for the people around them.

We couple this online education with online counseling through our network of counseling partners. This gives the kids in our program the opportunity to receive the emotional and psychological support that they’ll need to be able to work through their problems.

Our program is designed from the ground up to help bring these children a hope and a future that lifts them above their otherwise grim circumstances.




Goal Setting
Problem Solving


Interpersonal Skills


Soaring Kids’ unique eCommerce training